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Interview With A Dad: What Did Our Session Mean to Him?

Cincinnati Family and Newborn Photography | Cincinnati, OH

While moms are often the ones scheduling and planning family photography sessions, I think its’ important to identify that dads are also participants in the process and also value capturing memories with their children. I wanted to dive into this more, so I asked one of my long-time clients if he would be willing to answer some questions about what our sessions have meant to him…and if he thinks the investment has been worth it!

Thanks so much for answering some questions. Let’s start by…how did you all make the decision to invest in family photography? For a lot of families, it’s the mom driving the photography process and families have some trepidation about cost, if they’ll enjoy the session, etc. What was that like in your family?

For us, it wasn’t so much about the cost, but I was worried about how my son would act during the session and the stress that might cause, as well as how I would look. Kara also drove most of the decisions around clothing and made sure I went shopping for clothes for the session, which was something I wasn’t crazy about doing. Those shopping trips and attention to the clothes picked were aided by you (Hannah) and the styling guide offered by Little Bug, so that was a big help.

How was the session for you? Did you feel anxious or uncomfortable leading up to it?

The session was far more comfortable for me than I thought it would be. What I liked is that you did provide some encouragement to try things for the photo shoot (swing the child, lift the child, etc.), but it never felt forced or required. If one of us wanted to do something different, we went with it. My favorite part was throwing my son in the air. I can’t do that anymore due to how big he is, and to have that memory captured, for both me and my son (for when he is old enough to embrace it) means the world to me.

Now after the session…what was it like for you seeing your images in your slideshow?

I cried. I didn’t realize how much seeing the slideshow would affect me. I honestly thought my wife would get more out of it than I did. But I loved every second of it. It made me see things about being a father that I either take for granted, or outright don’t think about enough, or in some cases, at all. I also think the slideshow captured how our family cares for each other.

Had we not done the session, I’m certain I would have regretted it later and likely chastised myself for my family not having those memories captured.

You have images displayed in your home, since your collection came with a print credit. Does that impact how you feel about our session?

There is no question. After they’ve been displayed, I have a much deeper appreciation for the investment. I realized recently that I see the photos every single day and I never think about how I look in them. I only see the family that we have and how much love and fun was captured.

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