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Click Pro Elite
Documentary Family Awards Finalist Spring 2021
Shutter Up Magazine Featured Artist: Birth Edition
Featured in Inspired Magazine
Expertise Best Newborn Photographers in Cincinnati 2021
Expertise Best Family Photographers in Cincinnati 2021
Featured in This Detailed Life Magazine: Light Edition
The Voice Collection: 2021 Finalist

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A month before my wedding, I crossed paths with an elderly widow. She congratulated me on my upcoming celebration, grasped my hand, and said “Savor every moment with him. It goes fast.” That wisdom has changed the course of my life as I have become intent on preserving the beautiful and fleeting seasons of our lives. After my daughter was born, I picked up a camera and never looked back. Now I have the privilege of capturing and preserving the simplistic beauty of these moments we never want to let go.

I'm Hannah.

Social worker, wife, mom, & memory preserver.

The time goes so fast.  It feels like just yesterday I was researching all the perfect products for my baby registry and now I have a preschooler.  I know if I blink it'll be middle school angst, then college tours.  We only get eighteen years, and each day they need us a little less.  Each unique stage deserves to be preserved.  Your love for your children deserves to be documented.  Don't let these days slip by without capturing the love that fills your home.

Why photos should matter to you too.

I'm a memory keeper

In between the soccer practices and the preschool pickup and the "going to work" thing, it can be hard to find time to find outfits for photos, find the perfect location, make sure everyone has a good time.  That's why I do all that for you. 

How I make this process easy for busy parents...

Little Bug clients receive exclusive access to my digital styling service, as well as a curated styling guide created by me. I believe in simple, timeless styling that makes everyone feel comfortable and effortlessly beautiful. 

Styling assistance made easy...

As a social worker with over a decade of experience working with children and families, I am passionate about making your whole family comfortable. I take care of prompting in a way that feels natural and intuitive; your whole family will see their personalities shine through in our finished images.

Making posing natural.

I specialize in finding beautiful locations that really highlight your unique family. I try to find locations that are easily accessible (long car rides don't always agree with little ones) and highlight the emotion of the moment.

Locations that are beautiful and accessible

Little Bug newborn sessions are about capturing your family naturally. I provide a moses basket and beautiful layering pieces to capture your baby exactly as they are...perfect, innocent, and the smallest they will ever be.

Baby-led newborn sessions...

let me do the hard work

what to expect