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who see printed photos of themselves have a greater sense of confidence and security.  Your images deserve so much more than these screens.  That's why all Little Bug packages include both digital and print products.  And not just any prints...beautiful, hand-crafted prints designed to last for 100 years or more.  It's an investment for you, your family, and future generations.

As a child did you spend hours looking at your family photo albums and love seeing your own baby pictures?  Did you look at the wedding portraits and school photos on your grandparent's walls and feel a comfort in seeing where you came from?  In the age of digital media, it's easy to let photo printing fall to the bottom of your to-to list.  But it matters now more than ever.  Research shows that children 

an investment for future generations...

packages begin at $800

I spend a lot of time getting to know my clients and their whole families.  From individualized styling assistance to a pre-session consultation where we address all your questions and concerns, you can leave the planning to me.  

My clients invest in their memories, and I invest in them.

The Experience

In my sessions we laugh and play.  There are no awkward poses or fake smiles.  Each image you receive will tell a story...your daughter's grin with the missing tooth, the way your children laugh with each other, the sweet way you and your partner look at each other in the midst of your family's chaos.  These moments matter, and you will cherish them today, tomorrow, and fifty years from now.

Your family is unique and has it's own story.  We can tell that story together.

Love, connection, &
authentic moments

my sessions capture...

Our Story

...invest in their future.  From college funds to retirement planning, families who work with me know they are investing in heirlooms that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

...are busy.  Most families I work with have a lot going on and like that I handle the details of styling and planning.

...want something real.  They want memories filled with emotion, not ones of everyone staring at the camera.

Are we a match?  Little Bug families...

"Seriously one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!! As a photographer myself, I’m always behind the camera and have never actually been in front of it. It was a blast to work with Hannah. She captured us effortlessly and it was a real treat to spend the evening with my partner in a beautiful field as the sun went down. I felt completely at ease in her presence and could not be more happy with the images. I honestly can’t believe I’ve waited this long to be professionally photographed. I will definitely make this a more regular experience! It’s worth every penny, I promise."

-Jess S.

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