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I have always loved capturing the beauty in everyday moments; when I became a mom, the moments became sweeter, and I became more intentional about preserving them. I'm often overwhelmed with the fact that this time is going so quickly, and I can't slow it down.  But this is also exactly why I photograph the every day the way I do.  Because the little details are what we'll hold onto forever.

No one sees beauty in the ordinary like a mother...

I believe

I believe our memories deserve so much more than these little screens.  Your camera roll should not be the sole holder of your family's legacy.  I want to be the grandparent with stacks of photo albums and family pictures covering my walls, and I think you do too.  I tell your family's story through printed products designed to last a lifetime.  All prints through my shop are sourced from Europe and museum quality, designed to last 100 years or more.  Your memories deserve to be preserved, and this is an investment for your family and future generations.

these are the pictures your grandchildren will treasure

my why

"Hannah presents a body of work that is emotive and captivating. She creates magical stories out of otherwise ordinary situations. She is an incredibly talented artist."
- Click Pro Elite acceptance critique

The moments


Finding the extraordinary in the midst of ordinary.

The Experience

"Imagine bottling up memories and love and keeping them forever- that’s what Little Bug Photography captures in photo form. Hannah has a way about her that always lets us be at ease and lets our true selves show through in the picture. She has captured pictures of my family that I will genuinely cherish for the rest of our lives. She takes all the planning and worrying out of the process and you’re left with amazing photos to display for years to come. Couldn’t be happier!" 
-Tayler W.

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