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Strader Extended Family Session | Little Bug Photography

I feel so honored that this family chose me as their photographer for such a special session. This family wanted to capture the love that exists across generations while they faced some health concerns, and I absolutely loved seeing the way these three generations of women cared for each other.

We had the most perfect autumn weather for this session, and the gorgeous golden light definitely was out for this beautiful session. Bri did such a beautiful job of dressing her family for the weather, while also incorporating a lot of beautiful texture and autumnal tones. When dressing for a session, a chunky cardigan, statement necklace, or textured coat (look at how cute their little one looks) adds so much visual interest to an image.

Parents often worry “what if my child won’t smile?” And this session is such a perfect example of how we can beautifully capture a child’s personality, even when they’re slow to warm up during their session. Parents often worry if their child isn’t super smiley or bubbly, but I like to remind my clients that I shoot at less than 1/400th of a second…that means if your child smiles, laughs, or plays for just an instant at a time, I can capture it.

And while smiling pictures are beautiful, there is also something magical about the moments in between. The snuggles, the sweetness that comes from being authentic and serious together.

Sessions like these truly will be treasured for a lifetime, and for generations to come. There is something so beautiful about preserving the legacy of a family. If you want to capture the love that spans generations, you can learn more about the Little Bug experience here.

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