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The Medek Family | Cincinnati Family Photographer

Family Photography in Hyde Park, Ohio | Little Bug Photography

The Medek family session was one that surprised me. When I went into the session, I was expecting to capture some beautiful portraits of this sweet family of three, and I anticipated that this session would be very playful, sweet, and fun (which it definitely was!). Because their little girl was around two at the time of the session, I knew we would do a lot to keep the session moving and fun for her, and we definitely incorporated a lot of fun into our session! Here are some of my favorites of this sweet family laughing and playing together.

So what surprised me during this session? In the last 10-15 minutes, we got this amazing light that contributed to some beautiful, emotive images. The sun was setting perfectly, and this sweet little girl had a few unexpected minutes of stillness. This is not something I ever expect from toddlers, but it contributed to some extremely beautiful and emotional images, especially images that capture the powerful bond between mother and daughter.

These last few minutes of the session really produced some gorgeous images that this family can cherish for a lifetime. Every family session is different, and it is so important for families to “go with the flow” and release expectations during their time in front of my camera (and this family did that perfectly). I am intentional about capturing your children exactly as they are. Wild and crazy? We’ll capture that. Sweet? We’ll capture that too.

They are so unique, so individual, and the images you’ll treasure forever are the ones that let them be perfectly themselves. To find out more about the Little Bug experience and schedule your own family session, view my informational page here.

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