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Warmack Motherhood Session | Cincinnati Family Photographer

I love all types of sessions that I capture, but I have to say motherhood holds a special place in my heart. Capturing the love between a mother and her children is just so beautiful, and I always leave these sessions knowing that these will be images a mother (and her children) cherishes for years to come. When Tayler and I scheduled this motherhood session, we chose a location that mirrored the beauty and craziness of her own family, and I was so happy to be able to use this wooded creek location to incorporate so much play into our session—since I don’t do posed shots, I always want to make sure we have lots of room for kiddos to just be kids.



As moms, I think we sometimes struggle to justify why we should have a session all to ourselves when we also want a family session. It’s hard to book the session when we’re also worried about how we look on camera and are worried about our own body image and other insecurities. That’s a big reason I like to do these sessions, to show mothers how exquisitely beautiful they are just loving on their sweet children.

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Sometimes I think we also get caught up in the idea that we shouldn’t “waste” a session on ourselves when we also want a family photography session that includes our partner or spouse. I completely commiserate this feeling, which is why I offer multiple sessions a year for my Memory Keepers, which is my portrait membership program. This program is designed for families who value capturing their memories and prioritize this through an annual membership (that comes with lots of goodies and benefits). You can read all about Memory Keepers here.

As mothers we do so much. We love deeply, worry constantly, and are present always. If you’re ready to capture the strength and beauty of your motherhood journey, reach out here to chat more about how we can capture your unique family.

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