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What Types of Images Do You Receive in a Little Bug Family Session?

If you’re in the process of selecting a Cincinnati family photographer, you may be wondering what types of images you can expect to receive in a full session gallery. As a photographer that focuses on capturing real connection, authenticity, and fun in my sessions, I am intentional about including a wide variety of images for families to enjoy.

The Whole Family

In every session, we start by getting beautiful images of your family together. But there’s very little “smile and look at me” during our time together. I guide families and gently prompt them to get images of them laughing, playing and loving on each other. We will certainly spend a few minutes getting images smiling at the camera, but that’s a very small part of our time together. Instead, we focus on relaxing and having fun together to capture moments that show how much your family loves each other.

Child Only

Our phone camera rolls may be full of photos of our children, but I think it is important to spend a portion of every session getting professional, personality-filled portraits of your children. Just look at this little one and his bright eyes and chubby cheeks; I love capturing these exquisite details. This family has their annual session scheduled with me this spring, and I am confident this little one will already look so much older, and I am glad we are able to preserve what makes each stage precious and unique.

Intimate Motherhood

Speaking of your phone camera roll, I bet you have thousands of images of every other member of your family, but very few of yourself. It is so important for us to have images of yourself (even if the idea of getting in front of the camera makes you nervous) loving on your family. Images of you with your children are tangible reminders of the intensity of your love for them. These images will be cherished by your children for their entire lives; each time they look at them they will see that you have adored them since the very beginning. By the way, if you are feeling a bit nervous about being in front of the camera, make sure you check out my client closet offerings for luxurious, size-inclusive dresses to make you feel beautiful and confident during your session.

Fatherhood Portraits

We capture images of both caregivers with their children, to make sure we encapsulate the unique elements of each relationship. These portraits may consist of exploring the world around them, adventurous play, or sweet snuggles.

Emotive Black and White Images

In most galleries, dependent on light, I include a select number of dramatic and emotive black and white images. These come most often as we move towards the end of your session and the sun goes down, leading to high-contrast images. While the majority of your gallery will be in color, these monochromatic images are always some of my favorites in a gallery. These tend to be some of the most creative, timeless images that will pull at your heartstrings.

Every full session gallery is delivered via a curated slideshow set to music, so even viewing your gallery for the first time is an experience your family will cherish for years to come (and to be honest, I end up tearing up almost every time I watch a family’s slideshow after putting it together). I absolutely love capturing these moments for the families who step in front of my camera, and if you’d like to learn more about my family sessions, you can see my 2023 investment and experience information here.

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